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International Relations and the Problem of Difference (Global Horizons)

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And everyone decries the lack of bipartisanship in Washington; this is actually fairly bipartisan. If you listened to the Democratic debate the other night, the anti-China rhetoric was pretty—was pretty robust. What has been your experience with China? I mean, for example, a couple of questions come to mind. Have you—have you had a problem with that with China?

What has—what has been your experience with them? Have they been essentially a good partner or something less? We are prohibited from doing business. Now, we do have some points of presence and so forth. Now that has changed, obviously, with the acquisition of Time Warner. It would be the Chinese situation and the Mexico situation. HAASS: If we end up in a world where we have, if not divorce, separation from China, and fairly separate supply lines and markets, and a lack of technology sharing, how much more difficult does that make business for you, or not?

I mean, like if we end up in a slightly bifurcated world, what does it mean for a large company like yours?

I think it makes a heck of a difference just on the United States, and a company like ours is dependent upon the health and vibrancy of the United States economy. And when you think about where is the growth in the global economy, you know, Asia is where the growth is. And so where do you have to look, you know, Africa? Perhaps Latin America we could do well with. And one of the areas that would, obviously, have consequences for would be things like 5G.

And to put this into perspective, if Huawei could achieve in China a 90 percent share of Chinese communications, market share, they by definition have 30 to 40 percent global share. Now, if they could get another 10, 20 percent outside of China and start to get 40, 50 percent global share, this is a problem. This is a problem for the West. This is a problem for Western supply chain. How could they get that other 10 to 20 percent share around the globe? You talk about subsidies. They have 90 percent share in China.

International Relations and the Problem of Difference (Global Horizons)

Now they go bid in Europe, what do you think happens? The flip.

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They bid at 20, 30 percent discounts to everybody else, and so as a result they start taking significant share outside of China. You go to Latin America, these shares are really high. Go to Africa; Huawei shares are really high. And so this company is gaining significant share in mobile technology around the world.


You go, well, OK, fine, but what about 5G? They do not allow interoperability of their 4G equipment to their 5G equipment. Forty to 50 percent 5G market share. This is something that we in the West need to be conscious of and aware of. HAASS: Let me return to that in a few minutes, but let me—I want to touch on a couple of other subjects before we open it up. I want to talk about corporate America for a second. I assume many people in the room saw the Business Roundtable statement.

I think you were one of the signatories.