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With 12 hours of intense action, live or re-live the story of Jade and her pig. Freely explore the world of Hyllis, a beautifully unique world with its quirky inhabitants and very diverse alien wild life. Mixing epic boss fights, puzzles, stealth, hovercraft piloting, shooting sequences, classic platforming and even photography. Game Relive the Classic Use your camera to uncover the dark secrets of your government in this pioneering action-adventure.

More info. Live an Epic and Colorful Adventure With 12 hours of intense action, live or re-live the story of Jade and her pig. The controls, to me, are tight and responsive. Low learning curve and little frustration. Just enough challenge for me to give it a 5, out of 5! A must have. Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store.

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Dungeons with platforming puzzles, levers and gears that turned other gears, were a key part of the prior game. But the time and consideration these types of puzzles require are not well-suited to multiplayer chaos. Lots of players want to progress as quickly as possible, without observing which ropes raise which bridge. Ubisoft have stated that co-op players will not need to stick together.

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But hopefully, there will be some dungeons that are complex enough to demand it. There needs to be some nonverbal way for strangers to communicate in-game. Perhaps through emotes?

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  4. Not every player has a microphone or wants to communicate via headset. The multiplayer puzzles should require both players. Perhaps, one needs to push a button while the other turns a crank. Otherwise, there's a limit to how interactive, and how complex, these puzzle dungeons can be. You're armed with a sword, a gun, and a jetpack. Passive combat options. The first game had stealth sequences that could be completed with minimal combat, so long as Jade stayed in the shadows and out of Alpha Section's line of sight.

    Beyond good and evil: exploring medical trainee use of social media.

    Even her primary weapon, a staff, was in line with this ethos. It felt more defensive and less offensive than, say, a sword or a gun. In this sequel, however, your character starts with a sword, a gun, and a jetpack, which can later be augmented and enhanced. It implies that combat is a greater focal point this time around. When playing co-op, particularly drop-in co-op where anonymous strangers can come and go, it's difficult to approach a situation in a stealthy manner. One player might want to charge in guns blazing. And even if all players decide, independently, to go with the more patient, time-consuming strategy, all it takes is one wrong move from a single player, and the entire strategy is blown.


    Hopefully, the sequel hasn't abandoned its stealth mechanics or made them a prelude to the 'real' action. Part of what made Jade relatable was that she was always a bit overmatched. If the end game to this sequel is becoming a super space pirate, who tears through enemies like tissue paper, the franchise will lose its underdog vibe. Jade is back, but not as the main character. Offline capability.