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With Moto Assist, you still get to automate things in your life, like how your phone acts when you are asleep or in a meeting.

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And finally, with Moto Actions, Motorola is allowing you to turn on your flashlight with a chop, view the time or notifications with the wave of a hand, and now a new feature , get Moto Voice responses into your ear instead of publicly out loud. What I mean by that is Verizon seems to force Motorola into tweaking things for no apparent reason, other than to piss people like me off.

Why make this move? Along with annoyances like that, Verizon also loads this phone full of so much bloatware, that you feel like you are running VerizonOS. So, props to Motorola for continuing to do Android right. In fact, the Nexus 5X was one of the worst performing phones I have used in some time. With the Turbo 2, Motorola has ditched the Snapdragon and gone with the warmly controversial Snapdragon Great choice, Motorola.

When you get to flagship level phones, even the ones I just mentioned that have their low-performance moments, you typically need to look closely or even nitpick a bit to find issues. I do that when reviewing phones by just hammering on the keyboard I only use the Google Keyboard, by the way. I also do that by watching closely at the animations when swiping up from home into Google Now or opening the app switcher or doing anything in Hangouts or Chrome.

Everything just opens as it should on the Turbo 2, highlighting the early Material Design animations found in Lollipop. The keyboard, oh my the keyboard, just types. Motorola tossed in the prettiest vibration motor as well, which feels like soft rabbit bums fluffing your fingers as you type. That means you get dozens of choices of backs, accents, frames, and textures with the Turbo 2, so that you can make a phone that is as close to a one-of-a-kind custom as it gets.

Like with the Moto X line, the Turbo 2 has a couple of storage options 32GB or 64GB , 3 frame colors silver, gold, dark , 14 backs leather, ballistic nylon, soft touch , 10 accents, engraving, and a splash screen greeting. You can make some really cool combinations, especially if you go the ballistic nylon route. That means you can design a 64GB version of the phone today, then once within the next 2 years, design another one for free.

All you have to do is wait for your new design to show up before returning your old one. As is almost always the case, I flipped my settings to the traditional ratio, which bumps the resolution up on this camera to the full 21MP. All of these options are handled through a slideout menu that is accessed from the left side that rolls like a wheel. Many of you probably just want to open the camera and start shooting quality photos. With the Turbo 2, you get that most of the time. The UI, as can be seen above, is dead simple and super easy to use. You just open, tap, and shoot.

Motorola Droid Turbo 2 Battery Replacement

The camera is quick to load, quick to focus, and quick to shoot. Sure, it can get wild with reds, but the rest of the time, the camera software here seems to really pull out the colors your eye can see.

The Droid 2 Home Screens

In low light, this camera is average. If you want to see the full resolution photos, you can download them here.

DROID Turbo 2 Review

My Black Hole of Signal Death BHoSD testing facility, which is my home office that seems to get terrible coverage on all the major carriers, has been well-documented around these parts. For those new, just know that the BHoSD has scared and pissed off a number of people because it often reflects poorly on the battery life of phones I happen to be testing.

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With that in mind, you should also understand that Verizon service at my house is about the absolute worst of them all. So when I took on the task of testing and reviewing the Turbo 2 and its mega battery, to say that I was very interested in seeing how it could hold up in this battery life hell hole is an understatement. Here is what I know.

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It almost excites me to think that someone could own this phone and have a solid green connection to a Verizon tower throughout a day. It depends, of course, on what you do with the phone. If you watch a lot of video then prance around town using location services and LTE all day, no it will not last two days. Under this duress or lack of , the Turbo 2 did indeed last two days.

But so did my iPhone 6. I did a little test where I played the same video on the Turbo 2 and the Moto X side-by-side, with similar settings on both phones and starting from a full charge. So, ok. One nagging annoyance about this phone is the bloatware courtesy of Verizon. They are nonsense for the consumer.

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Who knows when Marshmallow will arrive for the Droid Turbo 2. Probably not for a while. If photos are your thing, the camera on the Turbo 2 is pretty good! Low light shots are not as good, with color and detail receding into mush. But I was never a fan of the stock Android camera interface. The gesture driven interactions often get in the way of just wanting to take a picture. You can do that stupid shake-to-active gesture and shoot 4K video. As smartphone cameras go, it can hang. It actually delivers on the promise of a shatter-proof screen.

Battery life is better than other Android phones in similar price ranges.

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The only good reason to by the Droid Turbo 2 is if you are clumsy with your phone, or want to experience the freewheeling lifestyle that results from not having that constant fear of The Drop in the back of your mind. If you are good at keeping your phone safe, the fact is that there are other Android phones out there that offers just as much but with much much better design.

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Yes, the battery life is better than most, but not astronomically so. The Moto X Pure Edition is the most obvious alternative. You have options! My guess is that once those customers hear that they will never have to worry dropping their phone again, they will be sold on the Turbo 2. Contact the author at mhession gizmodo. The A.