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Guy Elsacker explains why Hydrogen treatments support skin diseases including best practices and how to apply Prof. Jan Pokrywka shares his know-how and experience as to why he is using Hydrogen in his Hyperbaric therapy method and how to apply MUDr. As a result, hydrogen can be considered as safe and inert within the human body. This review provides an overview of the therapeutic potential of hydrogen.

Ageing and wellness applications are discussed first, followed by a variety of medical applications. Free radicals and reactive oxygen species ROS produced by aerobic metabolism play important roles in signal transduction, but also cause damage in biological systems These free radicals and ROS are known to play a role in many human diseases and to be involved in premature ageing Sun X, The search for a simple method to delay or halt the ageing process has been going on for centuries based on efficient anti-oxidant products.

Growing evidence of the ability of hydrogen, either as a gas or solution, to scavenge and selectively inactivate ROS suggest that it could exert protective effects The ORP of the skin is increased by sun exposure and by ageing 23 , suggesting that a reduction in the ORP might have anti-ageing effects.

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Hydrogen has been shown to be alkaline in water 24, Hydrogen-rich alkaline water obtained by adding H2 to electrolyzed water reduces the pH, but the hydrogen itself that can be expected to be of benefit This has important implications for the wellness industry leading to the development of a beverage or food supplement that is able to take advantage of this hydrogen-associated alkalinity. Exercise-induced production of free radicals is now a well-known phenomenon The increased oxidative stress associated with exercise has the potential to diminish the overall beneficial effects that exercise has on wellbeing.

An open-label pilot study in 19 young, healthy men showed that daily intake of 2 L of hydrogen-enriched water 1. Athletes receiving 1 L of hydrogen water daily showed a significant decrease in the rates of perceived exertion during exercise testing 29 , and an attenuation of increases in blood lactate levels and prevention of the post-exercise decrease in peak torque, an indicator of muscle fatigue These results indicate that the addition of oral and topical molecular hydrogen to traditional first-line treatment is effective in the management of musculotendinous injuries The results of a study in healthy volunteers suggest that hydrogen might contribute to wellness via modulation of vascular vasomotor function secondary to suppression of subclinical vascular inflammation Thirty minutes after drinking mL of hydrogen-enriched water each mL containing 3.

Potential mechanisms proposed for this effect were neutralization of ROS to preserve NO bioavailability, and suppression of inflammatory pre-atherosclerotic events.

Molecular hydrogen Inhalers and Infusion Systems: Reviews

For both stroke and myocardial infarction the successful treatment strategies to restore blood flow to ischemic tissue are associated with reperfusion injury. One mechanism thought to contribute to this negative outcome is the generation of ROS Hydrogen-rich saline 0. Hydrogen-enriched saline 0. These findings suggest that patients may benefit from hydrogen inhalation as an add-on to percutaneous coronary intervention procedures.

Preclinical data show that the antioxidant effects of hydrogen therapy are evident in organ transplantation models. In a rat model of renal transplant, treatment with hydrogen-enriched water versus regular water reduced chronic allograft nephropathy and improved overall post-transplant survival; these effects appeared to be secondary to reductions in oxidative stress-induced tissue damage Hydrogen-enriched water 0. Moreover, hydrogen-enriched water 0. The anti-inflammatory effect of hydrogen is related to the inhibition of the production of ROS and the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines.


In a rat model of ulcerative colitis UC , intraperitoneal injection of hydrogen-enriched saline 0. Furthermore, hydrogen-enriched saline was also associated with inhibition of the increased expression of vascular endothelial growth factor seen in this UC model. In another study, four patients with acute erythematous skin disease were found to experience rapid and significant improvements in symptoms after intravenous treatment with mL of hydrogen-enriched water, with no subsequent recurrence The responders had a significant reduction in hospital stay Both groups of hydrogen-treated patients showed a significant reduction in wound size from baseline, which was greater in the effective group.

Twenty patients with rheumatoid arthritis RA , drank mL of hydrogen-rich water 4—5 ppm every day for 4 weeks in addition to regular RA medication. This treatment period was followed by a 4-week washout then another 4 weeks of treatment There was a mean decrease of At study end, 16 patients had improved disease activity scores and nine patients achieved remission.

Four patients had not received any previous RA treatment and all achieved remission during the week study. Apart from increased urinary frequency due to an increased fluid intake, no adverse effects of hydrogen were observed, suggesting that hydrogen water might be a useful addition to conventional therapy in patients with RA 53, Oxidative stress plays a role in the development of type 2 diabetes mellitus, suggested by accumulation of molecular hydrogen in the liver with glycogen after oral administration of hydrogen water in rats 55 , making this another possible target for hydrogen therapy.


The consumption of hydrogen-enriched water reduced oxidative stress in the liver, improved fatty liver in mice with diabetes and in those with diet-induced obesity reduced plasma glucose and triglyceride levels, attenuated body weight gain, and stimulation of energy metabolism Patients with type 2 diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance were included an 8-week randomized, double-blind, crossover study of hydrogen-enriched water 1. Hydrogen was associated with significant reductions in levels of modified LDL cholesterol, small dense LDL and urinary 8-isoprostanes, plus smaller reductions in serum levels of oxidized LDL and free fatty acids and increased plasma levels of adiponectin and extracellular-superoxide dismutase Three clinical trials have assessed the effects of hydrogen treatment in the metabolic syndrome setting.

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After 10 weeks of hydrogen water 0. In a similar group of potential metabolic syndrome patients, consumption of 1. Evidence of increased levels of ROS have been found in post-mortem samples of brain tissue samples from patients with neurodegenerative diseases 3. There are a number of factors that make the brain particularly susceptible to oxidative stress, including its high metabolic rate and reduced capacity for cellular regeneration compared with other organs 3, Participants drank 1 L per day of hydrogen-enriched water prepared by dissolving 0.

Hydrogen-enriched water was well tolerated during the study and no adverse events were reported. Intraperitoneal administration of hydrogen-enriched saline 0. Hydrogen was administered from 5 minutes to 5 hours after TBI, and significantly attenuated TBI-induced increases in blood-brain barrier permeability, brain edema, lesion volume and neurological dysfunction. These effects were thought to occur via increases in endogenous antioxidant enzyme activities In particular, expression of genes relating to oxidation, neuroinflammation and carbohydrate metabolism was effectively reversed by hydrogen water The production of ROS by human cancer cells is higher than that for normal cell lines In addition, elevated levels of ROS appear to play a role in the signaling cascades that trigger and maintain the oncogenic phenotype of cancer cells 74 , and may contribute to DNA damage, and cell proliferation, migration and survival Therefore, the possible anticancer effects of hydrogen, alone or in combination with traditional therapy, are the subject of growing research In an in vitro study, hydrogen-enriched water 1.

Hydrogen-enriched water has also been shown to increase the inhibitory effects of the chemotherapy agent fluorouracil on colon cancer cells Hydrogen has been proposed as a possible preventive strategy for radiation pneumonitis because of its ability to quickly scavenge free radicals produced by irradiation of the lungs The effects of drinking hydrogen-enriched water were investigated in a randomized, placebo-controlled study of patients receiving radiotherapy for liver tumors Treatment with 1.

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Drinking hydrogen-enriched water prevented the marked increase in total serum hydroperoxide associated with radiotherapy, and attenuated the radiation-related reduction in serum antioxidant activity. Patients in the hydrogen-enriched water group reported significantly less loss of appetite and fewer taste disorders compared with those receiving placebo.

Importantly, hydrogen-enriched water had no effect on the efficacy of radiotherapy Based on the results of an in vivo study, hydrogen also has the potential to alleviate chemotherapy-associated toxicity. Two administration routes oral hydrogen-enriched drinking water [0.

Both forms of hydrogen improved survival, reduced body weight loss and ameliorated cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity compared with control, although the effects of drinking hydrogen-enriched water appeared to be less than those of inhaled hydrogen with respect to prevention of severe nephrotoxicity.

The anti-tumor efficacy of cisplatin was unaffected by concomitant administration of hydrogen by either route The effects of drinking hydrogen-enriched water 0. Treatment was associated with significant improvement in serum lactate in MM patients, but there were no objective changes in clinical symptoms in this or the open-label study Some patients did report subjective improvements in fatigue, diarrhea and myalgia, but these were not consistent or statistically significant suggesting that the hydrogen dosage used may have been insufficient.

The effects of using hydrogen-enriched water as a hemodialysis solution have been investigated in two clinical trials. In the first, regular hemodialysis patients received one month of treatment using a standard solution followed by another month of treatment using hydrogen-enriched water 99 parts per billion [ppb] as the dialysis solution Hemodialysis with both the standard and hydrogen-enriched water solutions was effective at reducing blood pressure.

Compared with standard solution, hydrogen-enriched water was associated with preserved cellular viability of polymorphonuclear leukocytes, resulting in better ability to generate superoxide anions. Use of hydrogen-enriched water during hemodialysis was feasible and well tolerated, with no symptomatic adverse events observed during the study period Once again, hemodialysis with hydrogen water had a good tolerability profile and was feasible, and significant reductions in blood pressure were achieved after each hemodialysis session; these were greater when hemodialysis was performed with hydrogen versus standard solution.

Significant decreases were also observed in the oxidant markers plasma myeloperoxidase and monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 These results suggest that use of hydrogen-enriched solutions during hemodialysis has the potential to ameliorate inflammatory reactions and improve blood pressure control. Lipid peroxidation plays an important role in the pathology of viral hepatitis and has been suggested as a major cause of liver injury The addition of hydrogen-enriched water 0. There were trends towards improvements in liver function and reductions in hepatitis B virus DNA load in the hydrogen treatment versus routine treatment group, but these did not reach statistical significance The role of oxidative stress in the development of acute lung injury is well established There are a number of ocular diseases that have been shown to benefit from hydrogen treatment in preclinical studies.

Hydrogen-enriched saline has been shown to have antioxidant effects and to protect against blue light-induced retinal damage 91 and retinopathy associated with hyperoxia or diabetes 92, 93 , and to prevent selenite-induced cataract Key features of hydrogen as a therapeutic agent include selective reaction with highly reactive ROS, rapid diffusion into cells and onset of action, inert characteristics at body temperature in mammalian cells, an almost adverse event-free tolerability profile, the ability to administer therapy in a variety of ways to best suit the patient or indication being treated, and low cost.

The non-specific nature of the effects of hydrogen mean that it has therapeutic potential across a wide range of medical applications, as has been shown by a good volume of preclinical data and a growing body of clinical evidence. Accumulating data also show the potential for hydrogen as an anti-ageing solution and in wellness applications, particularly sports and injury. It is possible that drinking hydrogen-enriched water may become a novel and beneficial new rehydration strategy for athletes.

Data from future clinical studies will help to better define the role of hydrogen in medical applications, exercise physiology and wellness strategies. Hydrogen has the potential to become a hugely important agent in many aspects of human health, particularly in reducing the effects of ageing. Acknowledgements: The authors would like to thank Marie Cheeseman and Nicola Ryan who provided medical writing assistance on behalf of Springer Healthcare Communications.

This assistance was funded by Air Liquide.

Hydrogen Molecular Biology and Medicine

Bavykin DV. Zuttel, A. DOI : Persistent oxidative stress is one of the major causes of most lifestyle-related diseases, cancer and the aging process. Acute oxidative stress directly causes serious damage to tissues.

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Despite the clinical importance of oxidative damage, antioxidants have been of limited therapeutic success. H2 has a number of advantages as a potential antioxidant: H2 rapidly diffuses into tissues and cells, and it is mild enough neither to disturb metabolic redox reactions nor to affect reactive oxygen species ROS that function in cell signaling, thereby, there should be little adverse effects of consuming H2. There are several methods to ingest or consume H2, including inhaling hydrogen gas, drinking H2-dissolved water hydrogen water , taking a hydrogen bath, injecting H2- dissolved saline hydrogen saline , dropping hydrogen saline onto the eye, and increasing the production of intestinal H2 by bacteria.

Moreover, H2 shows not only effects against oxidative stress, but also various anti-inflammatory and antiallergic effects.