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Fowler exposes the monstrous actions of the Communist Party of Cuba and makes a firm case for indicting Castro for crimes against humanity. With boldness and courage, My Cuba Libre attacks the status quo that has allowed Castro to remain on the world stage--and makes a powerful argument for immediate change. Fidel Castro cannot be allowed to spend his final years in luxury and power.

Whoever becomes his successor after his death will only continue his legacy of bloodshed, cruelty, and hate. We must act now to bring freedom to the people of Cuba. This very personal memoir is literally ripped from the pages of history, as Fidel Castro continues his human rights violations and Cuban expatriates everywhere lament the chaos that has taken over their homeland. With the precision of a scholar and the passion of a storyteller telling his own story, Mr.

Fowler is determined to set the record straight about the dictator the U. The Fowlers were descendants of the British Consul to Cuba who had arrived there in the early s.

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Fowler, his wife, children and grandchildren reside in New Orleans. Fowler became a Cuban refugee in the United States at the age of nine. His father died shortly after their arrival in the United States. In , he graduated from Tulane Law School, joined a near year-old law firm and twenty-five years ago opened what is now one of the best maritime, energy, and international law firms in the world.

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The firm is multi-national with offices in many cities. Fowler is an active litigator, having come up against some of the top legal names in the country. He has practiced not only in the courts of the United States, but worked on cases worldwide. Although Mr. Fowler embraced American values and reaped opportunities possible only in America, he never forgot his homeland. Fowler vowed to do whatever he could to oust the dictator and obtain freedom for Cuba. He denounced Castro in every forum he could, starting at the age of eighteen where he met his wife, Cristina, in college.

The time to act is now. A Cuba where faith in God has prevailed over tyranny, a Cuba whose people rose up to meet the challenges placed before them and overcame them through sheer patriotism and love of country. However, the legacy of his oppression continues today in Cuba and as we look ahead to the future, the Cuban government should hold free and fair elections that allow all Cubans a true voice in their government, fully embrace human rights, recognize opposition parties, cease imprisoning people for expressing their views and release all political prisoners.

I look forward to working with the Cuban-American community and my colleagues to ensure a bright, prosperous and free future is a reality for all Cubans. Unfortunately, this does not close the door on tyranny; it just reminds us of the brutal dictatorship Castro had over his very own people. As Americans, we stand for a Cuba who will no longer struggle for human rights, free-elections or true liberty.

His passing closes a very painful chapter for Cubans on the island and Cuban-Americans throughout the world, including for thousands of Miami-Dade County residents who were personally affected by his cruel and brutal dictatorship. My hope is that a free and democratic Cuba with the same freedoms we treasure here in the United States will soon emerge.


It is what the Cuban people deserve. I ask that all our residents who choose to demonstrate do so peacefully. Their children and grandchildren have greatly strengthened Florida, and have influenced the world through their many talents in the arts, business, and sports. It is my hope that today marks an opportunity for a new direction toward democratic freedom and human rights for all those who remain in Cuba.

Florida leaders react to the death of Fidel Castro

But hope remains that the future will be brighter, and bring with it the light of liberty and equality for all. Generations of Cubans have helped to build this amazing city and we are forever grateful for their contributions.

Many arrived in our City fleeing the totalitarian policies of the Castro government with nothing more that the shirts on their backs and a yearning for freedom. They have never strayed from the belief that one day Cuba would again be free.

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The passing of Fidel Castro offers hope that one day the Cuban people will enjoy the benefits of a free and democratic society. Receive our team's agenda-setting morning read of what's hot in Florida politics. Delivered straight to your inbox Monday through Friday.

Connect with us. Influence Florida leaders react to the death of Fidel Castro. Headlines Influence Manny Diaz revives classroom spending bill for Session.

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  • Headlines Influence Report: Florida ranks 16th in state finances, earns a 'C' grade overall. Headlines Influence Travis Hutson bill would provide relief to student borrowers. Headlines Influence Ron DeSantis seeks more 'job growth' money. Fidel Castro brutalized and murdered a great people. He pillaged a tropical paradise.

    He promulgated a Godless ideology that destroyed the lives of countless families. He was a thug.

    January 1, 2014 -- 55 years after Castro's reign of terror began, 3 brave dissidents give me hope

    His passing only makes this world a safer, better place. Florida has deep historical, geographic and familial ties to Cuba.


    My Cuba Libre: Bringing Fidel Castro to Justice

    It also seems appropriate this day to remember the many heroes in Miami and elsewhere who stood up to this terrible dictator and never lived to see this day. May their children and their grandchildren take comfort in the memory of their courage. Share this: Facebook Twitter Print Email.