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Quantum mechanics, however, treats matter as wave functions that do not possess positions as point particles do, but are probability distributions.

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As a result, applying relativity to objects of the scale at which quantum mechanics operates fails to produce sensible answers. Robert Brandenberger, a professor in the department of Physics at McGill, completed his post-doctoral research under Hawking.

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If both quantum mechanics and relativity work independently, then they also have to work in unison. Here lies the scientific grey area physicists face when trying to integrate quantum mechanics with relativity: They simply do not function properly. The same drawback applies to quantum mechanics on a larger scale: It describes, with great accuracy, the inner workings of subatomic particles, but fails to precisely address particle properties in the grand scheme. He explained that the data required to discern a unified theory are incredibly, and maybe impossibly, hard to collect using current research methods.

The density of black holes is so great that nothing, not even light, can escape their immense pull. If a black hole can exert gravitational effects on large masses like planets in the same way that it can pull in light—which has a mass of almost zero—then an explanation of the phenomena of black holes would, in theory, reveal how large, macroscopic particles can interact with tiny, nanoscopic ones.

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Objects in Motion Principles of Classical Mechanics Secrets of the Universe

Fun experiments that readers can do on their own and helpful illustrations introduce the basic principles of classical mechanics. This living book is referenced in several living book curriculum lists, including AmblesideOnline. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.